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West Virginia wells

Panhandle of West Virginia Marcellus Shale




Panhandle of West Virginia Marcellus Shale photographs showing gas drilling and production from a birdseye view. Drilling locations, frac impoundments, compressor stations, gas processing and pipelines. See Bethany, West Liberty, Marshall County and the West Virginia shale gas play from the air!

Marcellus Air : Panhandle WV
now includes two flights over West Virginia's shale gas drilling. Some photos were taken of the panhandle of West Virginia during October 2011, mostly around Ohio and Marshall counties.

Photos of drilling in the West Liberty and Bethany areas, in Ohio County and Brooke County, were added following a February 2012 flight and include approximate GPS coordinates.

The best way to see West Virginia's shale is from the air!


Bethany, West Virginia Area
Bethany West Virginia drilling pad
Drilling pad north of Bethany, West Virginia
February 2012
GPS 40 13.151 -80 33.722
Impoundment near Bethany WV
Impoundment north of Bethany, WV
February 2012
GPS 40 13.422 -80 33.228
Bethany West Virginia impoundment and well pad
Impoundment and drilling pad north of Bethany
February 2012
GPS 40 13.766 -80 32.427
Gas drilling pad and impoundment north of Bethany, West Virginia
Two photos of a drilling pad and impoundment north of Bethany
February 2012
GPS 40 13.887 -80 32.236
Wheeling air pollution
Gas well pad near Bethany
Bethany drilling pad, white condensate tanks, multi-colored frack tanks
Bethany gas drilling pad
Drilling pad southwest of Bethany
February 2012
GPS 40 11.886 -80 34.690
West Virginia drilling pad in the panhandle
Future drilling pad
February 2012
Marshall County, West Virginia
Southern-most county in the WV panhandle
December 15, 2012
Marshall County
November 11, 2012

mountaintop fracking
Can't let a mountaintop get in the way of fracking for gas!


Marcellus Air - West Virginia Panhandle
March 2, 2012

Problematic drilling site in Marshall County
Mountaintop pad slip and further excavation
March 2, 2012
GPS: 39 52.841 -80 39.142
Soil slip
Slip area
Gas valves and pipes damaged by soil slip
White gas valves and pipes sliding off drilling pad
Frack pit behind house
Backyard pit with white stains on black pit liner
March 2, 2012
Farm with two impoundments
Frack pit farm
March 2, 2012
Soil slip at West Virginia drilling site
'Slip-sliding away'
Gas pipes and gas valves (top left) falling away from pad
March 2, 2012
GPS: 39 52.912 -80 38.911
West Virginia drilling location
Initial drilling in preparation for bigger drill rig
March 2, 2012
Compressor station in West Virginia
Mountain top compressor station with flare
March 2, 2012
GPS: 39 44.256 -80 38.005
House with drilling pad and frac pit in backyard
Backyard well and impoundment
March 2, 2012
Birds-eye view of drilling
March 2, 2012
Large compressor station for moving natural gas
Large 12 compressor station
March 2, 2012
GPS: 39 44.636 -80 40.121
Fracking site near a stream
Drilling near a stream
March 2, 2012
Completed well pad
Completed wells
March 2, 2012
GPS: 39 44.365 -80 38.892
Gas processing and drilling around the Panhandle
Williams gas processing in West Virginia
Williams Gas Plant near Moundsville, WV
October 12, 2013
Blue Racer Natrium near New Martinsville WV
Blue Racer Natrium between Moundsville and New Martinsville, WV
October 12, 2013
Burton West Virginia gas processing
Gas processing plant near Burton WV
October 12, 2013
Rapidly expanding Majorsville Gas Plant
& Underground Gas Storage Area
GPS 39 57.251 -80 31.111
October 12, 2013
VIDEO: 5 Minutes over Majorsville
Shale drilling pad in the United States
Drilling pad, impoundment and production pit
February 2012
GPS 39 57.458 - 80 33.125
Drilling pad in northern West Virginia
Major excavation work for this
Marshall County WV drilling
West Virginia drilling pad
Shale drilling site near a power line
GPS 39 57.850 -80 33.035
Pipeline near a house
Pipeline work in Marshall County West Virginia
February 2012
39 58.970 -80 33.056
Pipeline construction
Gas pipeline work
Drilling pad close to streams and a dam
Drilling pad constructed below a breastworks near streams
February 2012
GPS 39 58.293 -80 34.483
Drilling pad by stream
Drilling pad close to a waterway
Majorsville WV gas plant
Majorsville West Virginia gas plant
February 2012
GPS 39 57.251 -80 31.111
Old gas plant with upgrades
Old gas compressor station toward right rear,
new gas processing facility to left
Wet gas processing
Wet gas processing equipment
to separate gas liquids
Electric substation
New electric substation construction
for the gas processing plant
West Liberty, West Virginia Area
West Liberty - Bethany West Virginia gas drilling pad and impoundment
Drilling pad and impoundment between Bethany and West Liberty
GPS 40 10.810 -80 35.054
Shale drilling pad north of West Liberty WV
Drilling pad north of West Liberty, WV along Rte 88
GPS 40 10.429 -80 35.562
Impoundment near West Liberty
Impoundment along Rte 88 north of West Liberty
GPS 40 10.738 -80 35.164
Shale drilling near West Liberty West Virginia
Drilling site south of West Liberty,
West Virginia along Route 88
GPS 40 8.647 -80 36.669
West Liberty area drilling operation
Other parts of the Panhandle of West Virginia
Wheeling drilling pad
Drilling pad construction near Wheeling, WV
February 2012
West Virginia frac pit
New impoundment in the Panhandle
February 2012
West Virginia - Pennsylvania state line gas production area
Pennsylvania - West Virginia state line area
with drilling pad and multiple impoundments
GPS 40 14.334 -80 31.264
Large impoundment
  Dual impoundments
More photos of drilling in the panhandle area
Frac tanks line a drilling pad
Frac tanks lined up on a drilling pad
Black pit liner has white stains from drilling flowback fluids
Impoundment with stains on the black liner
6 condensate tanks near recently completed wells
Battery of 6 condensate tanks on a wet drilling pad
Sound wall on drilling pad
Empty drilling pad with sound wall
Excavation work
Excavation work in a field
Impoundment installation
New impoundment between the trees
New impoundment with liner
Black pit liner in place
Recently fracked wells
Drilling pad surrounded by forest
Plastic lined dam
Impoundment with fall colors
Completed shale wells
Completed well site with battery of tanks and a heater treater


Drilling site with access road
Drilling in progress
Active drilling site
Impoundment with stained liner is low on fluids
Shale gas drilling
Completed wells with processing equipment and green tank battery
Large excavation for a drilling pad with yellow frac tanks
Fluid pond for fracking
Impoundment with stained liner
Two frack ponds
Dual impoundments and well site behind house
Drill pipe lined up close to a drilling rig
Active drilling location
Drilling by a junk yard
Drilling next to a junkyard
Gas drilling location
Yellow and blue frac tanks near drilling rig
drill pad
Marcellus Shale drilling close-up


Panhandle of West Virginia
October 12, 2013

drilling next to a coal mine
fracking West Virginia
VIDEO: 5 Minutes over Majorsville
State line drilling West Virginia and Pennsylvania
compressor station next to house
drilling wastewater tank
Majorsville WV
WV Panhandle


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