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West Virginia wells


MARCELLUS AIR WV takes you over the Marcellus Shale into northern parts of West Virginia. This flight will give you an idea of what it is like to produce natural gas and its byproducts from the mountainous terrain in Barbour County, Marion County, Harrison County, Marshall County, Tyler County and Wetzel County, WV. Aerial photos of fracking, wastewater impoundments, compressor stations, pipelines and active drilling operations, as well as newly fracked drilling pads and completed Marcellus Shale wells.




April 22, 2012 - Since 2006, natural gas drillers have completed nearly 1,600 Marcellus Shale wells in West Virginia, with another 1,273 wells still in some stage of development. However, low natural gas prices hovering around the $2 per unit level may cause Mountain State drillers to curtail operations, or shift their attention from methane-dominated dry gas areas to liquids-rich wet gas areas, such as Ohio and Marshall counties.




Cameron West Virginia drilling
Massive excavation work for leveling a drilling pad
on the 'Back 40' in Marshall County
forest fragmentation
Zig-zagging pipeline cuts through West Virginia forests
air pollution
mountaintop drilling pad
Cut & Fill to establish a level pad for fracking
Fort Beeler WV gas plant
Fort Beeler gas processing in Marshall County

More photos of WV Panhandle activities

Barbour County, WV
November 11, 2012
Philippi West Virginia
  Fracking near Philippi, WV
Drilling next to the Tygart River
Drilling next to the Tygart River, headwaters of the Mon River
Dual impoundments
Dual pits in Barbour County, West Virginia
Gas well pad and pit
Flowback pit and drilling pad north of Philippi, WV
Fracking near Philippi
  Another drilling pad across the valley northeast of Philippi
Drilling west of Philippi
Pad with yellow frac tanks, green condensate tanks and 2 wells

Doddridge County, WV
November 11, 2012

Doddridge County West Virginia
Extensive gas drilling activities in one area of Doddridge County
Drilling Doddridge County
Drilling rig in the middle of the forest
West Virginia compressor station
New compressor station under construction
Drilling site with two impoundment dams
Dual fracking impoundments and a drilling pad cut from a ridgeline
Drilling rig in Doddridge County, WV
Drilling Doddridge County
Flared gas wells and above ground drilling fluids
Above ground fluid container and flared well site
Flaring wells in Doddridge County
Flared well site along a mountain ridge in West Virginia
Valley compressor station being built
New compressor station in the valley

Harrison County, WV
November 11, 2012

Six impoundment dams in one valley
Every size, shape and color of frac pit
Two oil and gas drilling sites close to each other
Two drilling sites close to each other in Harrison County, WV
Harrison County West Virginia
Stained production pit liner looks white
Drilling Harrison County
Another black pit liner stained white by drilling fluids
West Milford drilling
Frac tanks and sand kings around a drilling pad
West Milford West Virginia
Wastewater tankers backed-up to an impoundment
Drilling and fracking Harrison County WV
Drilling one, fracking another
Mountain excavation creates drilling pad
Cut and fill excavation work to create a level drilling pad
Hydraulic fracturing of West Virginia shale
14 tractor trailers carry the pumps tthat create frac pressure
Unconventional drilling
Harrison County West Virginia oil and gas drilling site
Hydraulic fracturing and compressor station construction
Compressor station and fracking near a West Virginia house
Pipeline and unconventional drilling
Pipeline cuts between a drilling site and 3 houses
Gas processing and compression
Large compressor station to move the gas through pipelines
New drilling pad cut out of the forest
New excavation for another drilling pad
Unconventional drilling for oil and gas in West Virginia
Drilling and pipeline work in S.W. Harrison County

Marshall County, WV
November 11, 2012

gas compression
completed wells
impoundment dams near drill pad
ridgeline drilling
huge compressor station
Marshall County West Virginia
white condensate tanks
gas compression in West Virginia
Four impoundment dams line a West Virginia ridgeline
move any amount of dirt to drill
oil and gas drilling
Flowback and production pits with stained black liners
Burying a flowback pit in place may create another Superfund site

Marion County, West Virginia
May 20, 2012


Marcellus shale fracking next to a former 'dream home'
May 20, 2012
Frac pit, fracking, new home
What happens if there is a well blowout or spill?
Marion County West Virginia hydraulic fracturing
Hydraulic fracturing of these Marion County oil and gas wells
Fracking Marion County
Two impoundment dams and a fracking site
Drilling close to home in Marion County
Drilling pad towers over new house
Drilling setbacks?
Close to gas production in Marion County WV
NIMFY - Not in my front yard
Backyard gas drilling
Backyard drilling near Farmington, WV
Farmington West Virginia
Cut and fill for another Marion County drill pad
Monongah West Virginia
Drilling pad near Monongah West Virginia
Worthington West Virginia
Gas production activities close to another home
Marion County WV
Gas well pad and compressor station west of Worthington, WV
Mannington West Virginia
Well pad south of Mannington WV in Marion County

Tyler County, WV
November 11, 2012



Morgantown, WV
June 8, 2012


Morgantown W.V.
Drilling pad on the west side of town along Interstate 79
Morgantown WV drilling pad
Drilling pad and impoundment

Mountaintop drilling
Marcellus drilling pad above a foggy valley

Wetzel County, WV
November 11, 2012


Drilling near New Martinsville West Virginia
In ground and above ground gas drilling fluids
New compressor station NE of Lewis Wetzel Park

Wetzel County, WV
March 2, 2012


Gas compressor station
Compressor station and condensate tanks
GPS: 39 42.229 -80 37.136
12 compressor station
12 Compressor Station
GPS: 39 42.309 -80 36.824
Mountaintop drilling pad
Ridgetop site leveled and drilled
March 2, 2012 - Wetzel County
GPS: 39 36.719 -80 38.048
Shale drill pad
Cleared and leveled area for drilling
GPS: 39 33.895 -80 36.584
Shale gas production
Gas site development and drilling
March 2, 2012 - Wetzel County
Gas line cuts
Gas processing plant and gas line cuts
March 2, 2012 - Wetzel County
GPS: 39 33.303 -80 36.886
Shale gas development
Another large timbered area along a ridgeline
March 2, 2012 - Wetzel County
GPS: 39 33.781 -80 33.867
Flood plain gas production in West Virginia
Well site in flood plain close to homes
March 2, 2012 - Wetzel County
GPS: 39 34.044 -80 33.497
Gas facility on a mountainside
Mountainside gas site
March 2, 2012 - Wetzel County
West Virginia drilling
Leveled drilling location
March 2, 2012 - Wetzel County
GPS: 39 36.580 -80 39.494
Gasline right of way
Cut through the forest for a new gas pipeline
March 2, 2012 - Wetzel County

May 21, 2012 - In 2008, 2.3% of all natural gas produced in West Virginia came from horizontal wells. In 2010, 23% of West Virginia’s gas production came from 516 active horizontal shale gas wells. The remaining 77% of gas produced comes from approximately 50,000 conventional gas wells.
(Source: WVDEP Secretary Randy Huffman)


More photos of West Virginia drilling
October 12, 2013
VIDEO: 5 Minutes over Majorsville
October 12, 2013
October 12, 2013
October 12, 2013
October 12, 2013
NGL processing in West Virginia
December 15, 2012
Changing mountaintop (above) and valley (below)
in southern Wetzel County
Hastings gas plant near Pine Grove WV
Aerial photo of Marcellus drilling
  Vehicles and personnel trailers along left side of pad
Mountaintop gas drilling
  Mountaintop drilling location creates some massive slopes
W.V. Marcellus drilling
Another Marcellus drilling location in the same vicinity.
Yoho site.
Drilling location and frac fluid tanks
Frac tanks are clustered in an area on the right, with white
condensate tanks grouped in the woods in between
Large area excavated for gas drilling in West Virginia
Massive area of soil excavation along this WV ridgeline by Rt 89.
Floyd B. Johnson drilling pad (top)
Larry G. Rine pad (bottom)
Marcellus drill site
Close-up of drilling location at northern end
Condensate tanks on Marcellus Shale location
  Battery of white condensate tanks and a
white 'heater treater' to right center
Drilling fluid trailers
Larry G. Rine drilling pad
Three wells in center of pad and multiple square fluid tanks.
Drilling in the W Virginia mountains
Another drilling location cut-out of the woods
Plastic liner on part of drilling pad
Two well heads in center of pad
(Drilling) city on a hill
Looks like a city on a hill, but it's an active fracking location
Dust rising from WV frac site
Dust rising from mixer area (center of photo) during fracking
West Virginia fracking party
Multiple truck mounted pumps create the high pressure
needed to fracture Marcellus Shale
Frack equipment clustered on drilling pad in West Virginia
Frac sand trucks and trailers on left,
frac pumps clustered around center
Seven wellheads in a row at center of photo
Seven well heads in a row in center of photo with frac chemicals
along lower corner of pad on the ground and on trucks
Early fall foliage colors West Virginia
Drilling location lined with personnel trailers
Northern West Virginia Marcellus Shale drilling
Closer look at West Virginia drilling location
Drilling pad and impoundment dam
Drilling location with nearby fluid impoundment
Restored Marcellus drilling location
Restored Marcellus drilling location
New Marcellus drilling location
Initial stages of drilling at another WV location
New Marcellus site in WV
Long access road cut along slope to reach location
Restored West Virginia drilling location
Restored drilling location
New gas drilling pad cut out of West Virginia timber
New drilling pad awaiting drilling rig
Drilling West Virginia
Large Marcellus drilling rig drilling horizontal Marcellus wells


Multiple West Virginia drilling sites
Impoundment 3 is right above Rte 89.
4 locations related to gas drilling can be seen in this part of northern West Virginia. Once infrastructure pipelines are in place, many states see an "in fill" with more drilling sites and wells added in between.
Condensate tank battery and a black-lined impoundment for flowback
White 'bathtub ring' on fluid pit indicates storage of recycled fluids
West Virginia impoundment for Marcellus Shale fracking
Mountainous terrain creates problems when finding
areas to build large fluid impoundment dams 
White stains on impoundment liner indicate flowback or produced water was stored here
This pit has some wastewater "bathtub ring" around the edges
Flood plain impoundment... Legal??
Impoundment appears to be built in a flood plain or wetlands area
Marcellus drilling site and square impoundment
Drilling location and square impoundment dam
Drilling site with production pits
Close-up of gas drilling location
Marcellus 'Baptismal Fount'
c. 2010
New West Virginia pipeline
Piping the gas to market in other states
Pipeline crossing stream
Water crossings call for extra protection in 'buffer areas'
Gas pipeline in flood plain
Gas pipeline being laid in a low area along a stream
Pipeline construction
More pipeline construction
WV pipeline work
Pipeline connecting West Virginia and
Pennsylvania processing facilities
Aerial view of pipeline construction
Aerial view of pipeline excavation
How is West Virginia drilling affecting natural waterways?
  Looks like a new impoundment dam breastworks in this valley
Drilling impoundment next to a stream
Impoundment constructed along the banks of a stream


West Virginia compressor station
Pleasant Ridge Compressor Station.
Newly produced Marcellus Shale gas has to be moved
to market using compressor stations to push it
through pipelines
New construction on 12-unit compressor station and gas processing facility
Construction of Pleasant Ridge 12-compressor station
and processing facility
Compressor station sits on top of a WV ridgeline
It remains to be seen what will be built on the upper plateau
Gas compressors and processing equipment
The 12-unit Pleasant Ridge compressor station (above)
and the 6-unit Miller compressor station (below) are
mentioned in the newspaper article below
6-compressor station being built close to 12-compressor station in West Virginia
Miller Compressor Station
This 6-compressor station (plus 12-compressors in the photo above) in the news:
Marcellus gas drilling and processing all in one area!
Fort Beeler cryogenic processing facility in Marshall County
next to a drilling location (More)
Cryogenic gas facility in West Virginia
Caiman Energy's Fort Beeler cryogenic processing facility.
Processing of 'wet' Marcellus gas by cryogenic facilities removes
profitable liquids such as ethane, butane and propane leaving
'dry' methane gas
WV Marcellus gas refinery
Caiman Energy gas processing site
Drilling pad and gas refinery neighbors
New motto: Almost Gasland, West Virginia
Processing Marcellus gas for valuable LNG liquids
Construction on the Caiman Energy plant
Majorsville compressor station and underground storage
Older Majorsville gas compressor station
and underground storage owned by NiSource

OCTOBER 2013 VIDEO: 5 Minutes over Majorsville

West Virginia :: Pennsylvania gas pipeline
Pipeline construction between West Virginia and Pennsylvania
Green gas pipe
  New gas pipe laid along ditch
Excavating a pipeline
Large excavators trenching the future pipeline route 
New Marcellus Shale gas pipeline
Excavation of gas pipeline right-of-way
Drilling pad construction near Wheeling, WV
February 2012


Marcellus Air
Marcellus Air II
Marcellus Air III
Marcellus Air V
Marcellus Air West Virginia Panhandle
Marcellus Air Ohio
Marcellus Air VIII
Marcellus Air Pa. Northern Tier

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