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Marcellus Shale Resources

Documents related to shale gas drilling, production & waste

Marcellus Shale documents and resources are available here for citizens, municipalities, states and national governments who are facing decisions over gas leases and drilling ordinances related to gas exploration, drilling and production activities, as well as lawsuits, legislation and other shale gas issues.  Additional documents and resources will be added to this resource page as they become available.



drilling pad


Air Quality
Air Emissions Data from Natural Gas Operations - Pa DEP
Air Quality document 12-25-10 - Rescinded by Pa DEP 2-26-11
American Lung Association letter to Lisa Jackson - 11/30/11 (PDF offsite- 801KB)
An Exploratory Study of Air Quality near Natural Gas Operations (offsite)
Barnett Shale Air Quality Report by Al Armendariz, Ph.D
Colorado Lessons Learned - September 2013 Flood (250KB)
DISH, Texas - Letter from the Mayor
DISH Texas Air Quality Study - Sep 2009
DISH Texas Documents - Health Study/Air Quality
DISH Texas Health Survey - Dec 2009
EPA Needs to Improve Air Emissions Data for the Oil and Natural Gas Production Sector
U.S. EPA Office of the Inspector General 2-20-13 (PDF offsite)
Estimation of regional air-quality damages from Marcellus Shale natural gas extraction in Pennsylvania 1-31-13 (offsite)

How the Texas Natural Gas Boom Affects Health and Safety (PDF-1MB)

Life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of Marcellus shale gas
Methane Emissions Study - March 2014  (779KB)
Methane Sampling Survey - Bradford, Lycoming & Tioga Counties (PDF offsite-4MB)
Minimizing the Air Impacts of Marcellus Shale Activity in Allegheny County, Pa
Produced Water Treatment Facility - Utah (110KB)
Strategies to Address Global Warming
Strategy to Reduce Methane Emissions - Whitehouse (296KB)
Understanding exposure from natural gas drilling puts current air standards to the test (544KB)
Drilling Information
A Paleontological Perspective on a Modern Resource
Affirming GASLAND
Blackout in the Gas Patch (6.1MB PDF offsite)
Cancer Study - Flower Mound Texas (129KB)
Chemical & Biological Risk Assessment for Natural Gas Extraction in New York 1-21-11 draft
Environmental Impacts of Unconventional Natural Gas Development & Production (DOE PDF offsite)
EPA Comments regarding New York gas drilling
Fracture Lines: Will Canada's water be protected in the rush to develop shale gas?
Get the Answers Before Signing a Lease
Golden Algae Economic Impacts
Hancock and the Marcellus Shale

Health & Fracking (PDF offsite) New!

Human Health Risks & Exposure Pathways of NY Hydrofracking 10-9-12
Impacts of Gas Drilling on Human & Animal Health (PDF - 513KB)
Labor Statistics - Oil & Gas Industry
"Landman Handbook" (PDF-318KB)
'Mysterious notebook' found in Ohio, source unknown
Law Applicable to Hydraulic Fracturing in the Shale States
Marcellus Shale Production - EIA Report (536KB)
New York SGEIS Documents Index  -  Volume 1  Volume 2 New!

NRDC Petition to EPA  re: Regulation of drilling wastes

Pennsylvania Ethics Commission - Conflict of Interest - Rules & Restrictions
Pennsylvania Frac Fluids
Pennsylvania Wastewater Plants
Pennsylvania Wastewater Treatment Regulations
Predictors of Indoor Radon Concentrations in Pennsylvania, 1989–2013  (PDF offsite) New!
Radioactive Waste from Horizontal Hydro-Fracking
Radium Content of Oil- and Gas-Field Produced Waters in the Northern Appalachian Basin   (PDF-1.08MB)
Research guide to shales (website)
SHALE & WALL STREET: Was the decline in natural gas prices orchestrated? (offsite)
Shale Gas Monitoring Toolkit (offsite)
Technically Recoverable Shale Oil & Shale Gas Resources (June 2013 - 64MB offsite)
The Costs of Fracking (offsite PDF-1.63MB)
The Flaring Boom (Offsite PDF)
Toxics Targeting Marcellus Shale Documents (offsite) New!
Unconventional Natural Gas Development and Infant Health: Evidence from Pennsylvania (PDF-650KB)
Utica Shale Assessment - USGS (offsite 4.1MB)
Drilling Legislation
Advanced Energy Legislation Tracker (offsite)
An Analysis of Unconventional Gas Well Reporting under Pennsylvania’s Act 13 of 2012 (PDF-528KB)
Bureau of Land Management: Oil and Gas; Hydraulic Fracturing on Federal and Indian Lands (552KB)
Arkansas Legislation
Arkansas SB801 New!
Arkansas SB802
California Legislation
California Dept of Conservation searchable database New!
California Assembly Bill 669 (PDF-323KB)
California Senate Bill 4 (PDF-383KB)
Colorado Legislation
Colorado HB1297 - Health Analysis (32KB)
Colorado Oil & Gas Spills - HB1278 (PDF-17KB)
Congressional - US Drilling Legislation
HR1175 (PDF - 246KB)
HR2825 (PDF - 248KB)
HR1900 Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act (PDF - 31KB)
HR1965 Federal Lands Jobs & Security Act (PDF - 114KB)
HR2728 Protecting States' Rights to Promote American Energy Security Act (PDF-36KB)
European Union study - Impacts of Shale Gas and Shale Oil Extraction on the Environment and on Human Health (offsite PDF-1.48MB)
Florida Legislation
Florida HB71 - Fracturing Chemical Usage Disclosure Act
Florida HB157 - Pub. Rec./Fracturing Chemical Usage Disclosure Act
Florida HB1205 New!
Florida HB1207
Florida HB1209
Florida SB166 - Hydraulic Fracturing Prohibited
Florida HB169
Florida SB1468
Florida SB1582 New!
Fracking and the Revolving Door in Pennsylvania (Feb-2013 PDF-541KB)
Gas Well Casing Amendments to Chapter 78
Illinois Legislation
Illinois SB1715 (228KB - PDF)
Illinois Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act -HB2615- Introduced 2-21-13 (200KB-PDF)
Illinois Revised Fracking Act (660KB - PDF)
Illinois Revised O&G Act (120KB - PDF)
Implications of Act 13 for Health Professionals (PDF - 163KB)
Indigenous Mineral Resources Act - Pa (PDF - 77KB)
Maryland Legislation
Maryland HB745 Shale Gas Drilling Safety Review Act of 2014 (156KB)
Maryland SB29
Maryland SB409
Maryland SB458
Michigan Legislation
Rochester, Michigan Gas Drilling Ordinance New!
Michigan General Property Tax Act (31KB)
Nebraska Legislation
Nebraska LB512 New!
Nevada Legislation
Nevada Revised Regulations
Nevada SB44 New!
Nevada SB390
New Jersey Legislation
New Jersey S1041
New Jersey S1376 - Moratorium on Hydraulic Fracturing

New Jersey A2108
New York Legislation
New York DEC - New Recommendations Issued in Hydraulic Fracturing Review
Preliminary Revised Draft – New York State DEC
Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement
On the Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Regulatory Program
North Carolina Legislation
Asheville - No-Fracking Resolution (10KB) New!
North Carolina Article 27 (NC General Statutes Chapter 113 - 180KB)
North Carolina HB157 (PDF- 156KB) New!
North Carolina HB242 (6-17-11 86KB)
North Carolina HB1064 (5-23-12 168KB)
North Carolina HB1185 (5-30-12 14KB)
North Carolina SB786 (292KB)
North Carolina SB820 (7-2-12 281KB)
North Carolina MEC Hearing Report 11-6-14 (PDF- 344KB)
Ohio Legislation
Ohio HB8 (PDF- 87KB) New!
Ohio HB375 2013-2014 (151KB)
Ohio HB490 (PDF- 670KB)

Ohio SB165 (6-30-10 479KB)
Ohio SB315 (9-10-12 576KB)

Oil & Gas; Hydraulic Fracturing on Federal & Indian Lands (PDF- 2MB) New!

Oil & Gas Subsidies

Oklahoma Legislation
Oklahoma HB2178 New!
Oklahoma HB2562

Oregon legislation
Oregon SB32 (24KB)
Pennsylvania Legislation
Act 13 Impact Fee - PUC Implementation - June 2012 (offsite PDF-1.14MB)
Act 13 Opinion - July 26, 2012 (PDF-618KB)
Act 13 - Pa Supreme Court Ruling - 12-19-13 (854KB)
Act 13 - Application for Reconsideration - 1-2-14 (640KB)
Bud George update on Pennsylvania legislation
Forced Pooling in Pennsylvania - Proposed Act
Forced Pooling in Pennsylvania?
PA Act 13 of 2012
PA Emergency Response Planning at Unconventional Well Sites 1-26-13 Pa. Bulletin
PA Proposed Changes to O&G Act 1-15-14 (365KB)
PA Proposed Regulatory Language for O&G Act - Sep 2013 (262KB)
PA Proposed Chapter 78 - Oil & Gas Act - Revisions 1-22-13
Pennsylvania HB37 (Jan 2011 - 214KB)
Pennsylvania HB96 (60KB)
Pennsylvania HB97 (62KB)
Pennsylvania HB167 (PDF- 54KB) New!
Pennsylvania HB351 (60KB)
Pennsylvania HB495 (56KB)
Pennsylvania HB661 (54KB)
Pennsylvania HB799 (57KB)
Pennsylvania HB800 (56KB)
Pennsylvania HB801 (57KB)
Pennsylvania HB882 (60KB)
Pennsylvania HB950 (59KB)
Pennsylvania HB986 (57KB)
Pennsylvania HB994 (65KB)
Pennsylvania HB1414 (65KB)
Pennsylvania HB1489 (June 2009-141KB)
Pennsylvania HB1542 (68KB)
Pennsylvania HB1576 - Endangered Species Coordination Act (65KB)
Pennsylvania HB1607 - Gas Gathering Lines on One Call System (161KB)

Pennsylvania HB1684 - Royalty Deductions (57KB)
Pennsylvania HB2278 (58KB)

Pennsylvania HR106 (56KB)
Pennsylvania SB147 (PDF- 68KB) New!
Pennsylvania SB148 (PDF- 56KB) New!
Pennsylvania SB154 (55KB)

Pennsylvania SB259 (67KB)
Pennsylvania SB297 (71KB)
Pennsylvania SB305 (25KB)
Pennsylvania SB355 (104KB)
Pennsylvania SB356 (56KB)
Pennsylvania SB375 (PDF- 59KB) New!
Pennsylvania SB459 (59KB)
Pennsylvania SB540 (63KB)
Pennsylvania SB592 (64KB)
Pennsylvania SB780 (72KB)
Pennsylvania SB790 (56KB)
Pennsylvania SB1378 (63KB)
Pennsylvania SB1447 - Moratorium 7-22-10 (July 2010 - 64KB)
Pennsylvania Impact Fee - Revised 11-2-12
Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Scorecard 2011-2012 (PDF)
Pennsylvania Natural gas extraction from the Marcellus formation: Environmental impacts and possible policy responses for state parks (PDF - 1.2MB)
Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Act
Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Conservation Law (44KB)
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Ruling 2-19-09
Peters Township PA proposed seismic ordinance (85KB)
Potential Budgetary Effects of Immediately Opening Most Federal Lands to Oil and Gas Leasing (Congressional Budget Office PDF-201KB)
Project 70 Land Acquistion & Borrowing Act - 1964 (771KB)
Range Resources - Mt Pleasant Twp Pa - Impoundments Draft - 11-7-13 (284KB)
Safety over Secrecy Act (248KB)
Summary of Proposed Conceptual Changes, Office of Oil & Gas Management, Title 25 Pa. Code Chapter 78 Subchapter C. Environmental Protection Performance Standards (PDF-302KB)
Texas drilling legislation
Texas HB40
Texas HB539 New!
Texas HB540
Texas HB1556
Texas HB2855
Texas SB343
Texas SB360
Texas SB440
Texas SB729
Texas SB809
Texas SB1165
United States Legislation
Crude By Rail Safety Act New!
West Virginia Legislation
West Virginia HB2260 (10KB)

West Virginia HB2280
West Virginia HB2688 (PDF- 205KB) New!
West Virginia HB3042
West Virginia HB4066
West Virginia HB4266
West Virginia HB4267
West Virginia HB4348
West Virginia HB4349
West Virginia HB4350
West Virginia HB4355
West Virginia HB4361
West Virginia HB4362
West Virginia HB4386
West Virginia HB4394
West Virginia HB4637
West Virginia SB423 (PDF- 132KB) New!
West Virginia SB373 - Aboveground Storage Tank Water Resources Protection Act (241KB)
West Virginia SB616 (PDF-111KB)
Wisconsin Legislation
Wisconsin SB349 - Nonmetallic Mining (73KB)
Wyoming Legislation
Wyoming Legacy Act of 2007 - S.2229 (137KB)
Frac Fluids
Acrylonitrile MSDS
Acrylonitrile MSDS harmonized version
California Dept of Conservation searchable database New!
Chemicals Used in Hydraulic Fracturing (161KB)
Endocrine Disruptor List from TEDX
Finger Lakes, NY Frac Fluid Report
Frac Fluid Summary for Pennsylvania - 4-09
Frac Fluid Summary - Pa DEP - 6-10-10
Frac Listing for Marcellus Shale
Frac Sand MSDS
Hydraulic Fracturing 101
PA DEP Frac Fluid List - 12-08
Toxic Chemicals Used in Hydraulic Fracturing (offsite)
Gas Drilling & Road Ordinances

- Pennsylvania -

Buffalo Township, Pennsylvania - Conditional Use Request for Welling Compressor Station - Planning Commission - Draft
Cecil Township, Pennsylvania Gas Drilling Ordinance
Cecil Township, Pennsylvania Road Ordinance draft
Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania Gas Resources Ordinance
Cross Creek Township, Pennsylvania Gas Drilling Ordinance
Damage to Pennsylvania Roads near Drilling (393KB)
Jackson Township, Pennsylvania Gas Drilling Ordinance
Jefferson Hills, Pennsylvania Gas Drilling Ordinance - Draft
Mountain Lake Park, Maryland Gas Drilling Ordinance - Draft
Mt Pleasant Township Pennsylvania - Gas Zoning Ordinance - Draft
Murrysville, Pennsylvania Gas Drilling Ordinance - Draft
Nockamixon Township, Pennsylvania Gas Drilling Ordinance
Nottingham Township, Pennsylvania Gas Drilling Ordinance - Draft
North Strabane, Pa Gas Drilling Ordinance Draft - Conditional Use
Peters Township, Pennsylvania Gas Drilling Ordinance - 2nd Draft
Peters Township Gas Drilling Ordinance - Draft (PDF - 152KB)
Peters Township Gas Drilling Overlay - Draft (PDF - 1.26MB)
Pittsburgh's Community Protection from Natural Gas Extraction Ordinance
Range Resources Mt Pleasant Zoning Appeal for bunk trailers on drilling sites
South Fayette Township Pennsylvania Gas Drilling Ordinance - Draft
South Fayette Twp - Proposed O&G Ordinance - 4-15-15 New!
South Franklin Township, Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Wells
South Strabane Township, Pennsylvania (PDF - 46KB) New!
Upper Burrell Township, Pennsylvania Gas Drilling Ordinance - Draft
Upper St Clair Township, Pennsylvania Gas Drilling Ordinance draft
Zoning & Land Development Ordinances

- New Mexico -

Aztec, New Mexico Gas Ordinance
Bloomfield, New Mexico Gas Ordinance
Lovington, New Mexico Gas Ordinance
Otero County, New Mexico Gas Ordinance
Rio Arriba County, New Mexico Gas Ordinance
Sante Fe, New Mexico Gas Drilling Ordinance

- Texas -

Gas Drilling Ordinance Comparison in Texas
Gas Drilling Ordinance Recommendations by Fort Worth League
Arlington, Texas Gas Drilling Ordinance
Bedford, Texas Gas Drilling Ordinance
Burleson, Texas Gas Drilling Ordinance
Colleyville, Texas Gas Drilling Ordinance
Decatur, Texas Gas Drilling Ordinance draft
Flower Mound, Texas Gas Drilling Ordinance draft
Fort Worth, Texas Gas Drilling Ordinance 2-10-09
Fort Worth, Texas Gas Drilling Ordinance 2-3-09
Fort Worth, Texas Gas Drilling Ordinance 1-1-09
Fort Worth, Texas Gas Drilling Ordinance 12-16-08
Fort Worth, Texas Gas Drilling Ordinance 6-21-06
Midlothian, Texas Gas Drilling Ordinance 7-24-07
Westlake, Texas Gas Drilling Ordinance
Drilling Company Taxes
Over 70% of Marcellus Shale Wells Will be Subject to 3.07% Personal Income Tax – Not the Corporate Net Income Tax
Pennsylvania Severance Tax Distribution Outlook
MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets
Fact Sheet - Arsenic New!
MSDS - Field Grade Butane
MSDS - Mixed Butane
MSDS - Normal Butane
MSDS - Frac Sand (Silica Sand)
MSDS - Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
MSDS - Mercaptan
MSDS - Natural Gas Liquids (NGL)
MSDS - Natural Gasoline (Drip Gas)
MSDS - Produced Water (Sour)
MSDS - Propane
MSDS - Sour Gas
An interstate natural gas facility on my land? What do I need to know? (offsite)
Bartonville, Texas Oil & Gas Pipeline Standards
FERC - Blanket Certificate Program - Notice to Landowners
Flower Mound Texas Oil & Gas Pipeline Standards
LWV Tarrant County Gas Pipeline Recommendations
Line N - National Fuel Gas (NFG) - SW Pennsylvania
Project Mariner East - Sunoco Pipeline Expansion (236KB-PDF)
Fracking Beyond the Law (offsite)

- Appomattox, Virginia -

Williams Gas Pipeline - Transco Fine 8-10-09


- Brush Run Creek, Washington County, Pa -

Brush Run Creek - DEP Spill-Fish Kill Report - 10-7-09

Brush Run Creek - DEP Lab Water Analysis from 10-7-09 Spill

- Cross Creek Lake, Washington County, Pa -

Letter informing Range of Special Protection Watershed 10-9-08
Cross Creek Lake - DEP Inspection Report 5-27-09
Cross Creek Lake - Range Resources Report 6-3-09
Cross Creek Lake - DEP Fish Kill Water Analysis 5-27-09
Range Resources Consent Assessment of Civil Penalty 9-23-09

- Dimock, Pennsylvania -

Cabot - Consent Order & Agreement - 11-4-09

Cabot - Consent Order & Agreement Modification - 4-15-2010

- Ohio -

Ohio O&G Violations - 7-1-10

- Pennsylvania -

Atlas Resources overflow at Cowden #17 12-5-09
DEP gas drilling violations database
Gas drilling DEP violations from 1-1-10 through 6-18-10
Clean Water Action's analysis of the statistics
Pa. DEP - LANCO Notice of Violation Letter to Chevron (260KB)
PALTA's gas drilling violations report 8-2-10

- Susquehanna River -

Susquehanna River Basin Fines 10-28-09
Water Management Plans
Allegheny Defense Project - Pa DEP is unlawfully permitting water withdrawals due to riparian rights common law.
Press Release 7-26-10
Letter to DEP Secretary Hanger 7-26-10
Atlas Resources, LLC Water Management Plan
Eastern American Energy Corporation Water Management - Whiteley Creek
General Permit WMGR123 Processing & Beneficial Use of Oil & Gas Waste (PDF-760KB)
Pa. Fish & Boat Commission Executive Summary - Three Rivers Management Plan (PDF-1.06MB)
Water Management Plans - SW Pennsylvania DEP Regional Office
10 counties: Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Cambria, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Somerset, Washington and Westmoreland
Water Quality
Beaver Falls Municipal Authority - Trihalomethane alert
Brush Run Creek - Spill Water - Lab Analysis
Chesapeake Energy’s Response to EPA’s 5-12-11 Request for Information on Marcellus Shale Flowback Water (PDF offsite)
Clean Water Act
Disinfection of Energy Wastewater Can Lead to Toxic Byproducts (offsite)
Drinking Water Standards - EPA Oct. 2009
Dunkard Creek - EPA Report - 11-09
EPA Investigation of Ground Water Contamination in Pavillion, Wyoming (PDF offsite-15.1MB)
EPA letter to PA DEP Re: Drilling wastewater in PA waterways (708KB)
Ernst v. Encana Corp. (offsite)
How the Texas Natural Gas Boom Affects Health and Safety (PDF-1MB)
Hydraulic Fracturing and Safe Drinking Water Act Issues (661KB)
In Fracking's Wake - New Rules are Needed to Protect Our Health and Environment from Contaminated Wastewater (PDF - 2.34MB)
Letter from EPA to PADEP 5-12-11 Re: Water Quality Standards [PDF 2 pp, 756k]
North Sewickley Township Water Authority - Trihalomethane alert
NPDES - PennFuture Letter
NPDES - Pennsylvania
Ohio River Water Quality Trends 2008
Pavillion, Wyoming - USGS - May 2012
Groundwater-Quality and Quality-Control Data for Two Monitoring Wells near Pavillion, Wyoming, April and May 2012 (3.06MB)
Sampling and Analysis Plan for the Characterization of Groundwater Quality in Two Monitoring Wells near Pavillion, Wyoming (9.89MB)
Pennsylvania Clean Streams Law
Pennsylvania Conservation District Handbook
Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited 2-09
Pennsylvania Dam Safety
Pennsylvania Wastewater Plants
Pennsylvania Wastewater Treatment Requirements - Proposed
Private water well contaminated in DISH, Texas after hydraulic fracturing
Produced Water Treatment Facility - Utah (110KB)
Shale gas development impacts on surface water quality in Pennsylvania 1-8-13 (PDF offsite)
Stream Monitoring
Tri-County Joint Municipal Authority - Trihalomethanes - 2009 report
Voluntary Sampling Data from Pa. Oil & Gas Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Dannic Energy Effluent Sampling - 4/7/11 (PDF) [5 pp, 293k]
Dannic Energy Effluent Sampling - 4/19/11 (PDF) [4 pp, 268k]
Dannic Energy Effluent Sampling - 7/19/11 (PDF) [4 pp, 267k]
Hart Creekside Effluent Sampling - February 2010 (PDF) [1 pg, 13k]
Hart Resource Technology Effluent Sampling - 3/22/11 and 4/5/11 (PDF) [9 pp, 208k]
Hart Resource Technology Outfall 401 Effluent Sampling - 4/19/11 (PDF) [3 pp, 68k]
Hart Resource Technology Outfall 501 Effluent Sampling - 4/19/11 (PDF) [3 pp, 76k]
Pennsylvania Brine Effluent Sampling, Franklin - May, June, July 2011 (PDF) [12 pp, 1.8MB
Pennsylvania Brine Effluent Sampling, Franklin - August and September 2011 (PDF) [9 pp, 1.4MB]
Pennsylvania Brine Effluent Sampling, Josephine - May, June, July 2011 (PDF) [19 pp, 2.1MB
Pennsylvania Brine Effluent Sampling, Josephine - August and September 2011 (PDF) [24 pp, 2.7MB]
Tunnelton Liquids Effluent Sampling - 4/18/11 and 5/3/11 (PDF) [2 pp, 63k]
Warren Ohio wastewater treatment plant comment from NRDC 11-4-10
Washington County, Pennsylvania watersheds
Waste regulation recommendations to EPA from NRDC 9-8-10
Wastewater discharges at Josephine
Wastewater river dumping at Warren, Ohio (offsite)
Water Audit on Pa. DEP by Auditor General DePasquale 1-15-13 (112KB)
Water Matters Global Conference - videos
Water Pollution Risk Associated with Natural Gas Extraction from the Marcellus Shale (PDF offsite)
Water Quality Standards - Pennsylvania
West Virginia DEP Memo - Land applications prohibited until further notice
West Virginia: Water & Waste Stream Study (2-15-13 197KB)
Worstell Impoundment documents (6MB)
Written Testimony of Conrad Daniel Volz, DrPH, MPH before the Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works April 12, 2011 (PDF-50KB)
Wyoming Baseline Water Sampling - Draft (210KB)
DEP Files and Gas Well Files
Cross Creek 14H
Cross Creek 15H
Cross Creek 16H
Cross Creek 14H, 15H, 16H

Lanco Pad A Chevron Gas Well Fire - DEP Report 8-6-14 (22KB)
Lanco Letter - Pa DEP 3-18-14 (260KB)
Lanco Well Fire - Pa DEP Air Tests (481KB)
Lanco Well Fire - Pa DEP Radiological Tests (450KB)

NORM-TENORM Pa. DEP Study (77KB) New!
PA DEP Letter to Producers - 3-21-11
Pa. Dept of Environmental Protection RESCISSION of the Pa. Dept Conservation & Natural Resources Evaluation of Impacts of Oil & Gas Development on Pennsylvania State Parks and State Forests on February 19, 2011  (PDF - 89KB)
Well Site Restoration Report - Pa. (PDF-107KB)



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