An orange four-cornered safety sign marked SEISMIC CREW AHEAD is a sure sign your area is being surveyed for gas deposits in geological formations. Dawson Geophysical Company, based in Midland, Texas, was one of the leading companies performing these 2D and 3D and multi-component land seismic data imaging services on Marcellus Shale in the early years around Hickory Pa, using helicopters, vibrator crews and dynamite crews.
Below are some photos of what a seismic survey will look like to the average citizen; from the warning signs, to the wires duct-taped to the roads, the orange surveyor stakes with numbers and letters, the strange looking 'thumper trucks' and a host of vans and golf cart sized vehicles. It's a real 'convention' of vehicles and equipment.
Some cords lead to 2.2 lbs dynamite charges that are placed 20-feet underground and later detonated to help perform seismic surveys by the dynamite crews. Alien-looking Thumper Trucks are used by the vibrator crews. Designated sections, or grids, are surveyed one grid at a time. Seismic crews use Garmin GPS units for their mapping, and helicopters may play an additional role in some geological mapping surveys.

Seismic survey photos on
Marcellus Shale

Seismic cords on road
Orange cords traverse the roadways through a thick protective coating that is duct-taped to the road

Seismic cords
Miles of orange cords connect seismic survey equipment
Seismic survey stakes
Orange surveyor stakes marked with letters and numbers are used in the seismic survey
Seismic "Thumper Trucks"
Three thumper trucks between some tractor trailers.
Thumper Truck
Dawson thumper trucks each have 62,000-pound (31-ton) peak force Vibroseis equipment.
YouTube video of thumper trucks in action
Dawson thumper truck with vibroseis equipment

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