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Our look at 2009-2010
= Late-2009 through Early-2010 =


July 2009 - June 2010 - Contained in the first gas well production reports released by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is a listing of wastewater facilities used for Marcellus Shale gas well wastewaters.

Each Marcellus gas well can produce one million gallons of flowback or produced water. This wastewater is placed in impoundment dams or trucked-off to wastewater facilities. Most treatment processes being used in 2010 were minimal at best, with many of the processes still focused on dilution.

Wastewater high in TDS (total dissolved solids) that gets dumped into rivers creates problems and health risks when that high-TDS river water gets treated by municipal water authorities for residential use, due to the creation of DBP's (disinfection by products) such as trihalomethanes (TTHM's).

New concerns have arisen in early-2011 about the soluble radioactive elements like Ra226 returning to the surface in flowback. The fear is that these have been ending up in people's tapwater along with the more obvious trihalomethanes.

Each Marcellus Shale gas well listed in the first DEP production report included a column listing which wastewater plant the flowback fluids were transported to. While most of these facilities are located in Pennsylvania, the report also included Ohio wastewater facilities that included deep injection wells.


Wastewater facilities for Marcellus Shale Gas Production

Source: Pennsylvania DEP
Gas Well Production Reports

Period: July 1, 2009 June 30, 2010

Advanced Waste Services of Pa New Castle

Clairton Municipal Authority

Creekside Treatment Plant

David R. Hill Inc

Dornick Point WWTP

Eureka WWTP

Hart Resource Tech Plt

Irvin A Saltwater Disposal

Jersey Shore, Borough of

Johnstown STP

Liquid Assets Disposal WV

McCutcheon Ent. Biosolids Treatment Fac

McKeesport Municipal Authority

Ohio Oil Gathering Corp. Bells Run

Pa Brine Trt Franklin Plt

Pa Brine Trt Josephine Plt Indiana Co

Pander #1 Newton Twp, Trumbull Co. OH

PSC Environmental

Reynoldsville STP

Ridgeway Borough

Sunbury (PA) Generation LP

Tri-County Wastewater Mgmt Inc

Tunnelton Liquids OG Fac

Warren County RDSPRD PennDOT EQT

Waste Treatment Corp.

Williamsport Sanitary Auth Central STP

Wolf #1, #2, & #4 Disp. Wells Ohio


Waste and Wastewater Facilities late-2010
Waste and Wastewater Facilities early-2011
Waste and Wastewater Facilities late-2011
Waste and Wastewater Facilities early-2012
Waste and Wastewater Facilities late-2012
Waste and Wastewater Facilities early-2013
Waste and Wastewater Facilities late-2013
Waste and Wastewater Facilities early-2014
Waste and Wastewater Facilities late-2014

Complete PA DEP Reports (offsite)


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