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Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale gas processing plant construction continued at a brisk pace in northern West Virginia, as numerous plants neared completion in 2014, while others were expanding capacity. Mountainous terrain appeared to be no obstacle as mountaintops were leveled to create the vast space needed to process "wet gas" which contains methane plus more valuable gas liquids.

In combination with other gas refineries to their west in Ohio, these plants prepare wet gas products (methane, propane, ethane, butane, pentane) for transport by rail, truck and through gas pipelines running north to Canada, south to the Texas coast and east to Cove Point, Maryland where large oceangoing vessels had already delivered payloads to Scotland and Poland by mid-2017. Gas exports typically bring a much higher price on the global market than with domestic sales in the United States.

The Blue Racer Natrium plant is located between New Martinsville and Moundsville, West Virginia along the Ohio River.

The Fort Beeler de-ethanization and NGL processing plant is along Rte 250 north of Cameron, West Virginia in Marshall County.

The Majorsville gas processing plant was built next to an existing gas compressor station in Majorsville, near the state line between the WV panhandle and Pennsylvania.

The Mobley Gas Plant was built over mountainous terrain in northern West Virginia to separate and process wet gas liquids such as propane, pentane and butane from Marcellus Shale.

Ohio Valley midstream includes the 162 acre Moundsville Fractionator situated between Rte 2 and the Ohio River near Moundsville, WV.

The Oak Grove de-ethanizer was built in Marshall County, just southeast of Moundsville, WV.


Gas processing plants in Ohio

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