Shale Gas Videos

Featuring videos of Utica Shale & Marcellus Shale activities

Marcellus Shale & Utica Shale gas drilling has led to the creation of many videos related to shale gas production. Here you will hear gas well owners and affected landowners around gas drilling speak out about their experiences. Issues such as gas leasing and experiences with air, land and water quality issues related to drilling.  Other videos give you a firsthand look at Marcellus & Utica Shale operations, drilling and fracking equipment.

Must see video:

Southwest Pa. Moms Talk Fracking & Children's Health (4:08)

Video archive of Marcellus Shale, gas drilling, fracking & more!

5 Minutes over Majorsville WV (4:55)
$500 million dollar lien on Ohioville resident's property (1:27)
6 minutes over Dimock gas drilling sites (6:48)
19 Minutes in Dimock (6:46)
A Danger on the Rails (5:08)
A Million Fracking Letters (1:54)
Above & Below the FRACTIONATOR FOREST in Majorsville WV (9:57)
Act 13 – Pa. Supreme Court Session – 3-9-16 (offsite)
Aerial photos of gas drilling in central Pennsylvania
Agape Bible Camp turned into gas drilling pad (0:57)
Analysis of Air, Noise & Light from WV Gas Drilling - McCawley (50:57)
Another MarkWest black fireball near Houston, Pa (2:01)
Anti Fracking Song: Fracking Fluid - Coal Seam Gas Chemicals music video - Ariel Kalma (2:55)
April Shale Tour of Washington County Pa (2:53)
Arctic Methane Emergency: Economy vs. Ecology (32:01)
Arctic Refuge: Citizen vs. Bully Congressman (1:57)
Art Berman: Reflections on a Decade of Shale Gas (1:14:08)
ATEX pipeline explosion & fire in Brooke County, WV (00:44)
Aubrey McClendon roast at Harvard (4:58)
Avella Community Concerned about Air in Wake of Flash Fire (3:11)
Bakken Watch: A Day at the Farm (7:16)
Barnett Shale: An aerial view (7:17)
Bats' new threat for survival: Shale gas industry (43:24) New!
Battery Energy Storage Presentation (21:22)
Before it becomes 'clean burning' (2:51)
Bedford County compressor station explosion (0:49)
Bishop, Branigan & Northrup on Hydrofracking - 1 of 4 (28:05)
Bishop, Branigan & Northrup on Hydrofracking - 2 of 4 (27:55)
Bishop, Branigan & Northrup on Hydrofracking - 3 of 4 (26:23)
Bishop, Branigan & Northrup on Hydrofracking - 4 of 4 (31:52)
Black smoke rising TRAX FARM - EQT pad (0:42)
Blog Talk Radio show on Marcellus Shale (2:14:49)
Blowout of gas well (0:25)
Blue Moon Compressor Station FLIR video (1:30)
Bluestone Gas Processing Plant FLIR Video (1:50)
Book release: "Slick Water" by Andrew Nikiforuk in Rosebud, Alberta (1:15:25)
Boom: North America's Explosive Oil-By-Rail Problem (10:46)
BP blocks respirator use on Gulf spill clean-up (1:59)
Bradford County, Pa - Chesapeake gas drilling (1:26)
BREDL Presentation on Fracking - June 26, 2014 (1:42:39)
Bubbling in Barnett Shale drilling waste pit (2:34)

Buffalo, Pennsylvania residents fight back against Range Resources shale gas development

Range answers questions on speeding trucks (8:03)
Range asked about historic site preservation (9:50)
Range answers questions about their stinky impoundment (9:19)
Range answers questions about their stinky impoundment-2 (8:19)
Range hears about declining property values (9:36)
Range is asked about health concerns (9:51)
Range is asked about royalty payments (9:56)

California Farmers Irrigate Crops With Oil Wastewater (8:37)
Canary Coalition - North Carolina
Candlestick flare by Range Resources Appalachia (1:13)
Canton Twp Conditional Use Hearing - Range Resources wells (1:59:52)
Cattle & Gas drilling do not mix (3:21)
Cecil Twp, PA - Range Resources Workshop-1 (37:15)
Cecil Twp, PA - Range Resources Workshop-2 (35:31)
Chapter 78 & 78a Pa. DEP Hearing 4-29-15 in Washington, Pa (4:15:26)
Chartiers Creek - Sudsy every day! (2:04)
Cherry Springs Dark Sky Park and Marcellus Gas Well Flarings (3:14)
Chesapeake B Pad release (0:35)
Children talk about hydraulic fracturing (4:44)
Chip Northrup Speaks on Gas Industry Impacts (34:29)
Christmas Carol - Fracking Wonderland (2:39)
Christmas wishes in Gardendale, Texas (2:10)

Clairton Municipal Authority Rally - Save the Mon River! - Nov 4, 2010
The Monongahela River provides drinking water for 350,000 people. Clairton is one of 14 POTW's that dumps fracking wastewater from gas drilling into the Mon River. This rally to end toxic dumping was sponsored by Communities United for Rights and Environment (CURE).

Clairton Municipal Rally (0:41)
Clairton Municipal Rally (2:13)
Ken Weir on the bullhorn
Clairton Municipal Rally (1:03)
Clairton Municipal Rally (1:11)
Wastewater tanker arrives

Classification: Terrorist - For the sake of convenient tyranny (Show 1) (Show 2)
Claysville Pa. Sportsman's Club - MONSTER FLARE (3:42)
Clean Air Forum - Pollution problems in Pittsburgh (1:18:15)
Clearville Compressor Station Natural Gas Lives On (3:37)

Clearville, Pa videos including Steckman Ridge facility

Clearville, Shaffer Creek shows MBAS pollution (1:39)
Shaffer Creek has oil film on it! (1:20)

Colorado Floods Cause Toxic Leaking from Fracking Well (3:51)

Columbia Gas Underground Storage in Artemas, Pennsylvania

Columbia Gas Storage - Artemas, Pa - Video 1 (9:53)
Columbia Gas Storage - Artemas, Pa - Video 2 (9:57)
Columbia Gas Storage - Artemas, Pa - Video 3 (1:57)
Columbia Gas Storage - Artemas, Pa - Video 4 (5:03)
Columbia Gas Storage - Artemas, Pa - Video 5 (1:17)

Comments to EPA Frack Panel 12-3-15 (2:01:31)
Committee on Parks - Allegheny County Pa. - 4-16-14 (3:56:36)
Companies Used Diesel in Drilling (14:03)
Compressor on Button Rd, Dimock PA
Compressor station facts (4:57)
Compressor station forced on Cecil Twp, Pa. (1:53:11)
Condensate tanks and their invisible emissions (0:10)
Condensate tanks in Karnes County Texas (0:57)
Condensate tank discharge and shake (0:20)
Creek bed gas seep (0:35)
Cross Creek County Park - Drill Rigs replace Trees (3:52)
Cross Creek (Industrial) Park (1:16)

Cross Creek Park
3 more gas wells inside the park
Hopewell Twp hearing

Part 1 (1:03:08)
Part 2 (49:20)

CSI Episode: 'FRACKED' (44:15:00)
Dairy Farmer Shows Me His Gas Site (12:11)
Danger on the Tracks: The risk of crude oil trains in Pittsburgh (1:43:31)
David Letterman on Fracking: 'We're Screwed' (1:09)
Death of a Pond (3:22)
Deborah Rogers: Economics of Fracking (52:14)
Debunking 'Truthland' (23:57)
Deer Lakes Park drilling proposal in Allegheny County Pa. (3:56:25)
Delaware Riverkeeper Network video fracking ordinance hearing (3:31)
Destruction of Loyalsock State Forest for Marc 1 Pipeline (0:57)
Diana Daunheimer - Lawsuit on frack harms (40:44)
Dimock natural gas drilling (3:16)
Dimock Day Trip (9:52)
Dirty Ol' Town: Fort Worth, Texas (12:44)
Divide Creek methane seep (9:18)

DOE HEARING on Marcellus Shale drilling held at W&J College in Washington, Pennsylvania on June 13, 2011. (Excerpts)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Dominion East Ohio Compressor station blow-downs gas venting noise problems (1:09)
Don't Let Fracking Destroy Your Community: Watch This Video (1:19)
DOT-111 Rail Cars - How safe are you? (4:20)
Dr. Conrad Volz on Frack Water Treatment Facilities (35:31)
Dr. Ingraffea - The Facts on Fracking (1:45:08)
Drilling mud tanker crashes and spills on lawn of house (8:57)
Drilling pad in a Pa. county park near fishing lake (2:54)
Drilling Pollutes Home and Groundwater (3:41)
Drilling rig on Marcellus Shale (2:40)
Drilling rig at Weimer Unit (1:48)
Dueling gas well flares (1:17)
Dumping at the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River Water Trail (4:46)
Dundee Debate: Engelder vs. Ingraffea (2:17:18)
Dunkard Creek Massacre (3:05)
Dunkard Creek in Wana, WV (4:54)
Dunkard Creek disaster described by Ed & Verna Presley (4:42)
Dunkard Movie (6:51)
Eagle Ridge #7 Blowout (0:41)
Earthworks OGAP Summit - Nov 2010 - Pittsburgh (Power Point PDFs)
East Ohio Dominion Natural Gas Compressor Station noise problems - 1 (1:14)
East Ohio Dominion natural gas compressor station noise problems - 2 (2:16)
Economic Impacts of Heavy Industrial Activities (37:59)
Edison NJ Natural Gas Explosion (8:28)
EPA Fracking Advisory Board review June 14, 2016 (1:14:19)
EPA Fracking Research Advisory Panel 12-3-15 (2:00:21)
EPA Hearing on New Ozone Standards (4:32)
Ethane crackers, the Louisiana experience, shale and public health issues (1:04:11) Must see!
Ex-oil worker blasts shale gas industry (4:47)
Exempt from everything (7:02)
EXPERTS: Fracking Kids Health & Property Values (3:04:42)
Explosion at Natural Gas Well Pad in Marcellus Shale (1:48)
Facing the Challenges 2013 - Duquesne University - November 25 & 26, 2013

Ingraffea - A statistical analysis of leakage from Marcellus gas wells in Pennsylvania

38 Min

Grant - Marcellus shale and mercury: assessing impacts on aquatic ecosystems

34 Min

Capo, Stewart - Isotopic signatures as tracers for shale gas fluids

38 Min

Brown - Understanding exposures from natural gas drilling puts current air standards to the test

41 Min

Christopherson - Why local governments take action in response to shale gas development

39 Min

Jansa - Gas Rush Stories

40 Min

Robinson - Air Quality and Climate Issues with Natural Gas Development and Production

35 Min

Bain - Establishing a Water Chemistry Baseline for Southwest Pennsylvania: The Ten Mile Creek Case

31 Min

Porter - Impact of Marcellus activities on salamanders and fish populations in the Ten Mile Creek watershed

33 Min

Rabinowitz - Health complaints, water quality indicators, and proximity to gas wells in Washington County PA

25 Min

Bamberger, Oswald - Impacts of gas drilling on human and animal health: updates

39 Min

Brittingham - The effects of shale gas development on forest landscapes and ecosystems

38 Min

Drohan - How fracking technology is changing landscapes compared to past resource extraction disturbance

32 Min

Ziemkiewicz - What does monitoring in the three rivers tell us about the effects of shale gas development?

43 Min

Stolz - The Woodlands: a case study of well water contamination related to unconventional shale gas extraction

36 Min

Kelso, Malone - Data inconsistencies from states with unconventional oil and gas activity

31 Min

Ward - Measuring the human and social service impacts of natural gas development

35 Min

Collins - Regulatory structures for reuse and disposal of shale gas wastewater

37 Min

Family Says Marcellus Shale Drilling Contaminated Water (1:48)
Farmer's pond lost to gas drilling in Clearville, Pa (2:00)
Faults with fracking - James Northrup (4:46)
Fire damage at Blue Racer Midstream in Natrium WV (2:54)

First Nation videos - Lake Superior
First Nation grandmother Josephine Mandamin and others walked around Lake Superior to point out humanity's impacts on the largest freshwater body in the world.

Part 1: We found the Majesty of Lake Superior (9:58)
Part 2: People thought we were crazy (9:32)
Part 3: Water will cost as much as Gold (5:04)

Flaring a gas well near Montrose, PA Susquehanna County (0:52)
Flaring the Barnett Shale (1:18)
Flaring Marcellus wells in Pa. on Christmas week (4:20)
Flaring Non-stop (6:56)
FLIR camera Button Rd Compressor Dimock, PA 
Susquehanna County, PA emissions (1:26)
FLIR video of MarkWest Houston Pa. gas liquids plant (5:06)
FLIR video of raw gas venting after a Dimock frac job (4:26)
Former worker blows the whistle (7:00)
Frac Attack - The movie (17:36)
Frac blowout (0:40)
Frac chemicals on roads throughout community (0:16)
Frac fluid dumping on Arkansas road (0:36)
Frac job air pollution (0:37)
Frac Pump Blowout (0:12)
FRAC sand (1:53)
Frac Sand Activists - 2015 Conference Presentations
FRAC SAND LAND 'The Incredible Story of the Vanishing Hills' (45:07)
Frac sand mining blast (0:44)
Frac Sand dust storm in Pennsylvania (1:17)
Frac tanks overflowing (0:31)
Frack Operations near Wyalusing School District (2:20)

Frack Radio: The Shale Gas Report

Episode 1:  Fractured Democracy: Rules Rushed in Delaware River Basin
Episode 2:  Marcellus Money & Clean Water in the Age of Corbett
Episode 3:  Protest in Pennsylvania
Episode 4: "Mythbusting Ingraffea and Philadelphia Courage"
Episode 5: Bradford County's Bastion of Hope (half hour)

FRACK! - The Movie Trailer (6:52)
Frack attack (2:15)
Frack Checked Video 1: Industry Claims Exposed! (1:43)
Frack Checked Video 2: Industry Claims Exposed! (2:13)
Frack Checked Video 3: Industry Claims Exposed! (1:24)
Frack Pit Love Song (3:15)

Frack Flying Videos

Washington County Flying Frack Video (4:18)
Butler Frack Flying Video (1:18)
Beaver Run Reservoir (0:49)

Frack That Oil by Kris Kitko (4:06)
Frack Water Recycler (15:26)
FRACK YOU (Cee Lo Green Parody against fracking) (3:42)
Fracking in Fermanagh (1:00:36)
Fracking in Weatherford Texas (3:21)
Fracking risks by environmental scientist Dr. Wilma Subra (26:31)

Fracking the Finger Lakes Series

Fracking the Finger Lakes (7:47)
Fracking the Finger Lakes - Part 2 (22:01)
Fracking the Finger Lakes - Part 3 (27:20)
Fracking the Finger Lakes - Part 4 (40:15)
Fracking the Finger Lakes - Part 5 (28:34)

Fracking: Don't drink the water (0:55)
‘Fracking’ for natural gas continues to raise health questions (8:21)
Fracking Hollenbeck Gas Site (5:28)
Fracking Party hosted by Range Resources (2:23)
Fracking: Poland (12:02)
Fracking: Property devalues (0:42)
Fracking: The Dirty Truth in North Dakota (4:36)
Fracking in a Permafrost Environment  (3:01:51)
FRACKING: Things find a way (2:05)
Fracking Stage at Cabot’s Fontana Pad in Susquehanna County, Pa (14:29)
Fracking with Frosty (2:41)
Fractured Land (3:18 trailer)
"From the Frontlines" Carol French, Bradford County, Pa (9:54)
"From the Frontlines" Bill Gorby & Randy Moyer (10:50)
GASWORK: The Fight for CJ's Law (46:45)
Gas compressor station explosion-- smoke (0:50)
Gas dirtier than coal? (1:28)
Gas exploitation angers residents (3:28)
Gas liquids railout in Westland, Pa (1:51)
Gas metering station (0:27)
Gas pipeline explosion 2010 - North Texas (2:24)
Gas Pipelines (1:48)
Gas Rush Stories
Gas Rush Stories Part 4: Public Servants (11:09)
Gas sites from the air in Susquehanna County, Pa (0:41)
Gas Train getting ready to leave the MarkWest facility in Westland PA (3:51)
Gas well blowout (2:10)
Gas Well Explodes From Lightning Strike In Denton, TX (1:09)
Gas Well Fire in Avella Pa (1:31)
Gas well flaring - Not a beautiful sunset (0:21)
Gasland 3: The West Virginia Build-out (2:57)
Gasland around Avella, Pa (4:47)
Greenpeace fracking protest in George Osborne's constituency (1:39)  [2]  [3]
Groundswell Rising Trailer (2:26)
Halliburton Frac Job (5:31)
Handing the environmental henhouse to the foxes (7:23)
Hanover Township Residents Against Frack Water Treatment meeting (2:31)
HDPC Hearing on Pa DEP's accountability standards - Feb 19, 2013
Part:  [1]   [2]   [3]   [4]   [5]

Health Effects of Shale Gas Extraction
2nd Annual Conference - 2011

Hosted by the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health - November 18, 2011 - Pittsburgh, Pa.
Donald S. Burke, MD -
"Welcome Message and Introduction to the Marcellus Shale"
Bernard D. Goldstein, MD -
"Public Health, Sustainability and the Marcellus Shale"
Allen Robinson, PhD -
"Regional air pollution emissions from the development and production of Marcellus Shale"
Adam Law, MD -
"Endocrine and Metabolic Disruption"
Charles Werntz, DO, MPH -
"Worker Health Concerns in Marcellus Shale Work"
William Burket, CFPS -
"Industry Safety Initiatives and Community Emergency Preparedness"
Simona Perry, PhD -
" 'It’s like we’re losing our love': Documenting and Evaluating Social Change in Bradford County, PA during the Marcellus Shale Gas Boom (2009-2011)"
Kathy Brasier, PhD -
"Community Impacts of Natural Gas Development in the Marcellus Shale: A Research Summary"
Tom Biksey, MPH -
"A Risk Assessment of Fracing Fluid Flowback Water from an Operation in an Asian Pacific Setting"
Myron Arnowitt, MPH -
"Review of the Citizens Marcellus Shale Commission board report"
Robert Boulware; Joe Osborne, JD; and Raina Rippel -
"Research Needs Panel"

Health - Dr. Jerome A. Paulson Presentation 5-17-14 (1:46:03)

Health Effects of Shale Gas Extraction 2012 - 3rd Annual Conference - 2012

Hosted by the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health - November 9, 2012 - Pittsburgh, Pa.

Dr. Donald S. Burke MD, Bernard D. Goldstein MD - Welcome and Introduction of Health Effects of Shale Gas Extraction  (7:32)
Glenn Paulson PhD, Bernard D. Goldstein MD - Keynote: Unconventional Oil and Gas: Health-Related Activities of the U.S. Government (49:15)
Karen White MEnG, Bernard D. Goldstein MD - Recommendations for the Protection of Public Health Preceding the Development of the Natural Gas Industry in New Brunswick, Canada (32:02)
David Brook Lenker, Aaron Barchowsky PhD - Data-driven Insights into the Shale Gas Industry (23:48)
Jeffrey C. Dick PhD, Aaron Barchowsky PhD - Seismicity and Water Quality Issues Associated with Shale Gas Exploration and Production (22:54)
Leonard W. Casson PhD, Pe, BCEE, Aaron Barchowsky PhD - Bromide in the Allegheny River: A Possible Link with Marcellus Shale Operations (25:15)
Radisav D. Vidic PhD, PE, Aaron Barchowsky PhD - Origin and Fate of NORM in Marcellus Shale Flowback/ Produced Water (22:01)
John Adgate PhD, Jane E. Clougherty MSc, ScD - Environmental Health Risks and Natural Gas Development: Where Do We Go from Here? (29:57)
Jeffrey C. Dick PhD, Jane E. Clougherty MSc, ScD - Worker Exposures (24:21)
H. James Sewell, Jane E. Clougherty MSc, ScD - Engineered Safety Systems and Best Practices in Gas Extraction and Processing (21:38)



Hosted by The League of Women Voters and the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health - November 18, 2015 - Pittsburgh, Pa.

Welcome – Susan Carty & Karen Hacker MD, MPH

Bruce Pitt PhD
Perinatal Outcomes and Unconventional Natural Gas Development (UNGD) in Southwest Pennsylvania

Wilma Subra MS Must watch
Ethane crackers, the Louisiana experience, shale and public health issues

Jill Kriesky PhD
Considerations for Setting up an Unconventional Oil & Gas Development Health Registry

Brian Schwartz MD
New Research on Public Health Considerations

Cynthia Richburg PhD CCC-A, FAAA
Hearing Loss, Health Impacts and Shale Gas Development Sites

Bernard Goldstein MD
Shale Health Policy and Practices in Germany, the EU, and the US

Health impacts on animals near gas drilling (1:06:43)
Heavy Fraffic (2:46)
Hickory, Pa neighbors talk about gas drilling (4:57)
Hickory, Pa pond and farm ruined (9:30)
Hickory, Pa downsides to gas drilling (6:18)

Hopewell Twp Conditional Use Hearing

3 more wells in Cross Creek Park
Part 1 (1:03:08)
Part 2 (49:20)

How can they do this? (7:57)
How to fight fracking and win (6:18)
Hydraulic fracturing Barnett Shale (4:12)
Hydraulic Fracturing is Killing the Earth. CBS 60 Minutes (13:16)
Hydraulic fracturing turns garden hose into flamethrower (3:48)
Hydrofracking & Aquifer Pollution via Faults (4 min. -or- full 27 min.)
Ignitable Drinking Water in Candor, NY, Above Marcellus Shale (2:29)
In my backyard (4:25)
Injection wells in Ohio (4:11)
Investigating the US Gas Drilling Boom (14:18)
Invisible air emissions (3:04)
It's not just the well (1:04:11)
Janet Burgan singing her protest song "No Fracking Way" (2:10)
Jerusalem Sung To Honour Those Harmed by Fracking (2:00)
Jessica Ernst speaks at The People's Forum on Fracking (1:31:07)
Jessica Ernst, The Consequences of Fracking (6:58)
Josh Fox, Director of GASLAND, on NOW (23:46)
Josh Fox speaks to STOP THE FRACK ATTACK crowd in DC (5:05)
Julie Weatherington-Rice, PhD, Radioactive Waste Public Forum (31:01)
Kirsi Jansa videos
Landowners in dark on fracking problems (6:10)
Learn about Hydraulic Fracking in the United States (19:16)
Leasing issues with PA dairy farmers (59:17)
Light your water on fire from gas drilling (1:44)
List of the Harmed (2:53)
Little Muncy Creek seep in Moreland Township, Lycoming County, Pa (1:01)
Living in a Fracking Sacrifice Zone (2:03:16)
Living next to a FracTech sand facility - COUGH! (4:02)
Living with Fracking (29:08)
Lost Generation (1:44)
Lost water well pressure and contamination from fracking (5:23)
Lowry Compressor Station (0:17)
Lowry Compressor Station FLIR (1:27)
M3 Momentum Pipeline (AGS) in Washington County (5:33)
Majorsville, Pa Natural Gas Plant Construction (2:53)
Marcellus Frac Job (1:26)
Marcellus Flare (0:29)
Marcellus Gas Well Venting, Erosion, Doddridge County WV (1:47)
Marcellus Gas Well Venting, Erosion, Buckeye Creek, WV (2:43)
Marcellus Shale Citizens Commission 09/22/11 (2:45:54)
Marcellus Shale double-flare (0:16)
Marcellus Shale Dreamer (0:50)
Marcellus Shale facility hissy-fit (0:38)
Marcellus Shale gas drilling and water (10:03)
Marcellus Shale Reality Tour (41:21)
Marcellus Shale Reality Tour – Part 3 (7:53)
Marcellus Shale Reality Tour - Part 4 (6:04)
Marcellus Shale Reality Tour - Part 6 - Eviction Notice (15:27)
Marcellus Shale 'Sand King' Tour (2:27)
Marcellus Shale Trucks (4:32)
Marcellus Shale wastewater impoundment stinks! (1:02)
Marcellus Shale's Deadly Secrets - PA Just Powers Radio Ad (1:15)
MarkWest 2013 Gas Plant Expansion Houston Pa (0:56)
MarkWest flaring - Marcellus air quality (3:50)

Mary McConnell "The Interview"

Video 1 (15:00)
Video 2 (15:00)
Video 3 (10:46)

Maryland Rises to Stop Cove Point (3:30)
MBAS (2:12)
MBAS in well water (1:18)
Meet the Frackers (27:00)
Mexico gas truck explosion kills at least 7 at maternity hospital (2:46)
Mixing Oil & Water (10:24)
More clearcutting of Park for drilling pad (3:22)
More problems on the Jay-Bee Lisby Frack Pad (4:24)

Mt Pleasant Township, PA - Impoundments
Zoning Meetings

Nov 12, 2013 Meeting on Impoundments – Part 3 (3:04:17)
Sep 10, 2013 Meeting on Impoundments – Part 2 (17:49)
Aug 13, 2013 Meeting on Impoundments – Part 1 (2:40:36)

Mt Pleasant Township, PA - Impoundments
Supervisor Meetings

Nov 7, 2013 Range proposal to remove dams & install tank farm (1:25:39)
Sep 28, 2013 Meeting on Impoundments – MPT Supervisors (2:11:31)

Murrysville oil and gas ordinance public hearing 12-14-16 (2:00:22) New!
My retirement is ruined
My vacation in Texas (0:57)
My Water's On Fire Tonight (The Fracking Song) (2:33)
National Parks Conservation Association & FracTracker Alliance in Pittsburgh, Pa. on Nov. 12, 2014 (1:39:02)
Natural gas compressors galore! (1:01)
Natural Gas Drilling Moratorium Act - Pa SB1100 (41:22)
Natural gas extraction from NY shales (9:55)
Natural Gas frac release (0:35)
Natural Gas Lease wasn't worth it in Bradford, Pa
Natural Gas: The Rest of the Story (24:17)
NC Mining & Energy Commission public hearing 9-12-14 (4:03:23)
Nebraska Farmer silences oil and gas committee with invitation to drink water contaminated by fracking (4:17)
Neighbors choking on Frac sand in Pittsburgh (3:53)
New O&G Regs - Pa DEP Chapter 78 & 78a - March 2015 (2:24)
Newly found chemicals in fracking wastewater lead to cancer (6:50)
Night Frack (6:12)
"No Fracking Way" Leo Sayer with Aussies Against Fracking (4:10)
No Fracking Way - National Radio Project mp3 show (1:30:00)
No Permits at all (6:18)
Noise problems from an East Ohio Dominion natural gas Compressor station (1:45)
North Carolina Fracking Showdown (42:27)
Northeast Pennsylvania Frack Site Flyover (8:42)
Not For Public Release (9:04)
Ohio Injection Wells for O&G Wastewater (2:39:35)
Ohio River Fracking Public Discussion - WJU Wheeling WV (1:45:00)

Ohio Statehouse Fracking Protest - Jan. 10, 2012

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Bob Hagan

Ohio Students Interrupt Gas Industry (2:39)
Oil Spills, Leaks Happen Daily Across the US (3:34)
Oil Well Downhole Camera Video (10:27)
Oily sludge looking yuck in Shaffer Creek (9:29)
Oklahoma water needs squeezed by historic drought (2:00)
On the 12th Day of Drilling my true love gave to me (3:44)
Ongoing Pain from Williams Ethane (5:56)
PA DEP - Behind closed doors with Cecil Twp. (20:03)
PA DEP Smith Compressor Station Public Hearing (5-1-13 2:15:20)
PA DEP Whistleblower tells all (1:21:11)
PA Farm Show 2016 - Tell Governor Wolf – Farming & Fracking Don't Mix (3:59)
PA Municipal officials oppose Senate Bill 1100 & House Bill 1950 (30:00)
Park land to Gas land in Pennsylvania (9:43)
Pediatrician testifies on Children & Pollution (56:36)
Penn Township, Westmoreland County, Pa Public Meeting (3:27:51)
Penna. town blames contaminated water on fracking
Pennsylvania Cattle & Natural Gas Drilling (2:35)
Pennsylvania Farmers Speak Out on Gas Drilling (29:00)
Pennsylvania Gasland Tour (10:04)
Pennsylvania Mom Talks About Fracking Near Her Children's School (3:40)
Pennsylvania’s new fracking law (4:07)
Pennsylvanians Opposed to Fracking Speak Out to Gov. Corbett (47:23)

People's Oil and Gas Summit
November 19 & 20, 2010
Pittsburgh, PA

2010 People’s Oil and Gas Summit (17:27)
Dr. Volz, Wilma Subra, Calvin Tillman, Roy Martin, Julie Vastine
2010 People’s Oil and Gas Summit (14:27)
Alan Septoff, John Amos, Chuck Christen, Chris Csikszentmihalyi
2010 People’s Oil and Gas Summit (20:16)
Dr. Robert Howarth, Deborah Rogers, Monica Vaughn, Richard Ward, Tony Dutzik
2010 People’s Oil and Gas Summit (17:20)
Ellen Harrison, Terry Fitzgerald, David McMahon, Deborah Goldberg, Tim Ruggiero
2010 People’s Oil and Gas Summit (14:55)
Ben Price, Wes Gillingham, Erik Schlenker-Goodrich, Josh Joswick
2010 People’s Oil and Gas Summit (12:33)
Stephanie Hallowich, Jill Morrison, Jannette Barth, Chris Mehl
2010 People’s Oil and Gas Summit (13:13)
John Fenton, Lisa Parr, Wilma Subra, Wes Wilson
Summit presentations (Power Point PDFs)

People's Task Force Demands NO MORE PIPELINES (1:44)
Perforating gun detonation (4:36)
Pig Launcher Venting near Midway Pa (1:10)
Pipeline & Drill Rig on Marcellus Shale (2:27)

Susquehanna County, PA

Pipeline drilling mud blowout in Susquehanna County creek - Part 1 (17:25)
Pipeline drilling mud blowout in Susquehanna County creek - Part 2 (15:42)
Pipeline drilling mud spreading in stream, second day (17:19)

PIPELINE - Episode 5 - Mad as Hell (8:53)

Pittsburgh International Airport
Gas Extraction Public Hearing
February 7, 2013

Part:  [1]   [2]   [3]   [4]   [5]   [6]   [7]   [8]   [9]   [10]   [11]

PLANET TOM: MarkWest belching huge black smoke AGAIN! (1:01)
PLEASE!  NO drilling by new school (12:38)
Poisoned Waters - FrontLine (2 hrs.)
Pond is a copper color (6:29)
Produced water tank spewing VOC's by playground (1:15)
Profiles in Environmental Leadership (36:34)
Proof That Fracking Pollutes The Water Supply (11:30)
Propane Train - W & LE RR spur from MarkWest gas plant (3:45)
Protecting our Children's Water (3:15)

Protestors and concerned citizens spoke out against the Marcellus Shale fracking during the DEP's Advisory Commission Meeting in Harrisburg" on April 27, 2011

All videos
Dr. Dan Volz on Public Health Impacts (5:00)
Texas, Your Future. Read the writing on the wall (3:06)

Puget Sound Oil Train (2:38)
RACHEL MADDOW - Energy industry runs roughshod over ND (6:19)
Radiation in Greene County, Pa. streams (5:37)
Radiation Problems due to Hydrofracking (14:02)
Rally in Dimock December 6, 2011 (2:33)
Range Resources Denton TX doing the right thing for Texas (2:40)
Range Resources Drilling Record in Pa. -YIKES! (4:31)
Range Resources in Denton TX (0:58)
RAP on Marcellus drilling (1:34)
Remember Dunkard Creek (3:17)
Requiem for a Frack pit (0:47)
Rick 'Mac' Sawyer Fracking vs. Health (19:34)

Robinson Township - Range Resources
gas well zoning hearings
January 14, 2013

Parees gas well hearing (37:17)
Kendall gas well hearing (26:58)

Robinson Twp, Pa gives green light to Mark West industrial site (37:37)
Ron Bishop - Professor NY, Sunny, Oneonta video - Marcellus shale dangers
Ron Gulla speaks at Food and Water Watch/Earthworks Joint Press Conference, Washington DC (6:16)
Ron Gulla Testifies before the EPA's Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory committee (7:11)
Rural impact from gas drilling (9:55)
Sand Land (5:04)
Sandra Steingraber speaks on the environmental impacts (57:48)
Santa pre-flight 2012 over Frackland (7:39)
Save the Delaware River (5:31)
Seismic Testing Meeting for Mon Valley (1:50:13)

Seismic Testing near Hickory Pennsylvania
Videos of three 'Thumper Trucks' performing seismic testing along Route 18 north of Hickory Pennsylvania. While watching these videos you can almost feel the earth shake.

Marcellus Shale Seismic Testing - 1 (1:14)
Marcellus Shale Seismic Testing - 2 (1:11)
Marcellus Shale Seismic Testing - 3 (1:10)
Marcellus Shale Seismic Testing - 4 (3:07)

Seismologist: Fracking Injection Wells Linked to Earthquakes (9:38)

Shale & Public Health Conference New!
November 16, 2016 - University Club - 4th Annual Conference
League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania & University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health

Susan Carty & Bruce Pitt Phd

Bernard Goldstein MD
Site Variability, Research, and Individual Family Risk

Marsha Haley, MD & Jill Kriesky, PhD
Panel on Setback Distances: Two Research Studies

Eduardo (Jay) Olaguer, PhD
Air Quality, Health Impacts and Citizen Monitoring: Lessons from Houston

Tim Whitehouse JD
Norms of Science and Commerce

Brian Schwartz MD & Sara Rasmussen MHS
New Research on Asthma and Other Public Health Considerations of Shale Gas

Jake Hays MA
Assessment of Peer-Reviewed Literature on UNGD & Public Health 2009-2015

Ellen Webb MPH
Air Pollutant Emissions from UNGD and Infant/Child Respiratory Health

Shale drilling and Water (23:57)
Shale Game (1:09:21)
Shale Gas & Oil Radioactive Wastes from the Marcellus and Utica Shales (1:09:24)
Shale Promises or Shale Spin? (49:21)
Shale Waste Disposal Forum (2:06:30)
Shale Waste Disposal Forum: Modernizing Policy (2:00:49) New!
She's Alive... Beautiful... Finite... Hurting... Worth Dying for. (4:59)

Shell Ethane Cracker Plant
Potter Township, Beaver County, PA

Shell cracker plant presentation 8-15-12 - Part 1 (37:52)
Shell cracker plant presentation 8-15-12 - Part 2 (37:18)
Shell cracker plant presentation 8-15-12 - Part 3 (11:51)

Shell Cracker Plant - Pa. DEP Hearing 5-5-15 (3:01:34)

Shell Cracker Plant - Beaver County Pa 12-14-15 (1:40:47)

Shell cracker plant public hearing 12-15-16 (3:47:26) New!

Shell's Tioga County Methane Migration (0:21)
Sliced & Diced by Pipeline Cuts (0:55)
Smog Hearing - Pa DEP EQB - 5-27-14 (1:04:19)

South Fayette Township
Range Resources challenge to S. Fayette
Township ordinance - October 12, 2011

Part 1 (0:26)
Part 2 (4:54)
Part 3 (7:12)
Part 4 (7:36)
Part 5 (5:36)
Part 6 (7:37)


South Fayette Township Zoning Hearing Board - Nov. 9, 2011

Part 1 (3:41)
Part 2 (8:57)

Southwest Pa. Moms Talk Fracking & Children's Health (4:08)
Sparring continues over fracking in Union Township, Pa (59:41)
Spill in Dimock, Pa (10:00)
Splashdown Flicks (1:26)
Spring and pond ruined (2:08)
Stand up New York! (3:14)
Stop Silicosis - 2016 (offsite)
Stop the Frack Attack (5:58)
Stop the Frack Attack Rally in Washington DC (22:25)
Stop the Tar Sands (4:39)
Story About The Tillman Family (3:27)
Sunoco Pipeline bentonite blowout Little Mingo Creek (21:20)
Susquehanna County, Pa. creek bubbling with methane (0:58)
TAKE ME HOME FRACKING ROADS: West of Clarksburg WV (13:45)
Talk about Fracking (4:59)
Tanker dumping by Route 19 (2:50)
Tempers flare in Union Twp over inaction by supervisors (27:56)
Temporary piping of fluids to frack shale (1:01)
Terry Greenwood: Living on the Shale (19:55)
Terry Greenwood by Mike Stout - Music video tribute (4:59)
Testimony by Dr. Sandra Steingraber on Illinois Fracking Bill (9:49)
Texas 4.7 magnitude earthquake = MANMADE = frac well at epicenter (2:08)
Texas blowout at Eagle Ridge (0:23)
Texas family sues fracking companies after giant fireball rips through well, injures members (2:45)
The Corporation (1:45:00)
The End of Fossil Fuel Man (4:26)
The Fossil Fuel Connection (6:08)
The Fracking Flamethrower NOT a Hoax: Steve Lipsky's Nightmare (27:40)
The Fracking of Rachel Carson by Sandra Steingraber (9:33)
THE FRACKING POEM: Rachel Greene Poets Out Against Fracking (2:33)
The Ironic News Report calls out the Frackers
The price of frac sand (2:12)
'The Promised Land' movie trailer (2:29)
The Radioactive Truth about Coal Seam Gas - Part 1 (9:48)

The Real Cost of Fracking

The Real Cost of Fracking: Jenny (4:56)
The Real Cost of Fracking: Angela & Wayne (4:45)

The rubber stream bed (1:17)
The Sky is Pink (18:35)
Theo Colborn Letter to the President about chemicals disrupting our bodies (17:11)

The Truth Behind the Dash for Gas

The Truth Behind the Dash For Gas, Part 1 (27:48)
The Truth Behind the Dash For Gas, Part 2 (32:11)

This American Life from WBEZ (60:09)
This Is Our Country: Living with the Wild West Oil Boom (29:57)
Three gas wells in northeastern Pennsylvania

Three eye-openers: Oil & Gas stories from Louisiana

Paul Templet, former head of the Louisiana DEQ (14:44)
John Carmouche talks about legislative influence (12:27)
Chevron Texaco Legacy Pits in Louisiana (13:06)

Throwing stones at Goliath (6:28)
Tioga County Marcellus Shale drilling (1:49)
Tioga County Pa shale drilling (3:42)
Train car explosions carrying propane and iso-butane (1:45)
Truck traffic on Marcellus Shale (2:56)
Truck Traffic Procession (5:20)
Truth about Halliburton and Dick Cheney (7:04)
Truth and Consequences of Fracking (1:14:30)
Truthland movie screening in Harrisburg PCN (1:03:08)
"Truthland” screening 7-29-12 Deposit, NY - Public comments (37:56)
Unconventional Gas / Coal Seam Gas - Collateral Damage (8:02)
Unconventional Shale Gas Extraction & Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (58:57)
Unearthed: The Fracking Facade (24:17)
Union Township approves EQT impoundment (32:55)
University of Pittsburgh Marcellus Shale Seminar - November 19, 2010
Unregulated Fracking at California Oil Wells Raising Concerns (15:54)
Untested Science: Fracking natural gas controversy in Canada (16:55)

US Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works

Archived webcasts homepage
FLASH/RealPlayer version - April 12, 2011 (1:44:01)

Unplugged well in the Allegheny National Forest (0:54)
Using Local Land Use Control to Prohibit Industrialization (29:25)
Utica Shale drilling in Quebec (10:09)
Under the Dome – Investigating China’s Smog (1:43:55)
Vancouver Oil Terminal Hearing (3:04)
Vertical wells contaminate too (7:13)
Vestal, NY town board meeting, heated & enlightening (1:51:09)
Victoria Switzer on Fracking in Dimock (6:57)
Washington County Park becomes FrackZone (4:56)
Washington PA Commissioners extend drilling in park (19:08)

Water & Wellness: Health Impacts of Fossil Fuel Extraction 9/8/12 - OVEC Seminar

Part 1 - Fracking risks by environmental scientist Dr. Wilma Subra (26:31)
Part 2 -
2nd part of presentation by environmental scientist Dr. Wilma Subra (17:04)
Part 3 - Pam Judy describes having a compressor station 780 feet from her home
Part 4 - Christina Woods describes dust from drilling traffic and flowback dust control
Part 5 - Linda Headley describes being surrounded by Marcellus Shale drilling sites (3:16)
Part 6 - Nada White describes the health effects of coal mining and mountaintop removal
Part 7 - Presentation by panelists Dr. Michael Hendryx - Professor in the School of Public Health at West Virginia University; Dr. Jill Kriesky - Center for Healthy Environments and Communities (CHEC) at University of Pittsburgh; Dr. Ben Stout - Aquatic Biologist at Wheeling Jesuit University (31:42)
Part 8 – Q&A session with panelists Dr. Michael Hendryx, Dr. Jill Kriesky and Dr. Ben Stout
Part 9 – Q&A session with panelists Dr. Michael Hendryx, Dr. Jill Kriesky and Dr. Ben Stout
Part 10 - Lorelei Scarbro describes mountaintop removal mining behind her house
Part 11 - Danny Cook describes mountaintop removal mining
Part 12 - Diane L. Pitcock describes the WV Host Farms Program. (6:30)

Water: Bryan Swistock Presentations 4-20-2010
Water contaminated by hydraulic fracture (3:11)
Water contamination from fracking investigation in Pennsylvania (1:45:00) New!
Water disappearance from fracking (3:53)
Water for Dimock (3:22)
Water well exploding with methane in Franklin Twp, Pa (1:46)
Water well woes, Mark and Sandy Mangan (3:23)
Wayne County, Illinois Townhall - 1 of 2 (53:42)
Wayne County, Illinois Townhall - 2 of 2 (24:25)
WBRE on WVSA Board Meeting 4/19/11 (3:23)
We Are Cove Point's Stop The #FERCus Protest! (3:00)
We are Seneca Lake (8:39)
Weather and Warming (9:52)
Weimer Unit drilling rig on Marcellus Shale (1:48)
Welling Compressor Station condensate tanks FLIR (4:11)
Western NC Hearing | Fracking Rules | WCU Press Conference (26:10)
Westwood Lake Nightmare (10:45)
What did she say? (2:56)
What the Frack is in Pennsylvania's Drinking Water? (4:49)
What the Hell is Going on in Robinson Township? (19:03)
What to expect from the gas industry (9:26)
When are they gonna learn? by The End (5:19)
When the first company leaves Pennyslvania (7:33)
Wiebo's War (24:20)
Williams fractionation plant in Moundsville WV (2:47)

Williams gas processing facility presentation in Hickory, Pa.
Learn the inner workings of a gas processing facility.
5-part presentation from January 14, 2010 and more.

Laurel Mountain Midstream - Stewart Facility - Part 1 (8:40)
Laurel Mountain Midstream - Stewart Facility - Part 2 (8:38)
Laurel Mountain Midstream - Stewart Facility - Part 3 (9:38)
Laurel Mountain Midstream - Stewart Facility - Part 4 (9:40)
Laurel Mountain Midstream - Stewart Facility - Part 5 (6:51)
Intentional release at Williams gas processing facility (6:02)

Wilmington Township, Lawrence County O&G Ordinance Meeting 12-21-15 (2:30:13)
WNEP on WVSA Board Meeting 4/19/11 (0:50)
WPX Energy speaks about water issues (22:01)
Worldwide Water Conspiracy (15:01)

WV DEP Air Quality Hearing - Chesapeake's Dytko Pad - 9-11-12

Part 1 (36:35)
Part 2 (36:35)
Part 3 (36:35)
Part 4 (13:14)

Wyalusing Silica Sand Transfer Station (4:13)
You cannot trust them (4:24)
You've Been Fracked (3:00)

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